The Challenge:

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Case Study 2

Brand redesign • Graphic design • User experience • Email marketing

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in the stars above us that make astronomy so much fun. The truth is the universe is a constantly changing, moving, some would say “living” thing because you just never know what you are going to see on any given night of stargazing. But of the many celestial phenomenons, there is probably none as exciting as that time you see your first asteroid on the move in the heavens.

Maybe we’ll put some big text here.

It still fits inside the grid quite nicely.

This is an h2 Heading

Here’s some body copy overlaid on a background image from the project. The text is shoved over to the right-most third of the layout while the image spans the entire width. It would be nice for the text block to be vertically-centered in this section.

Like what you see?

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