Marketing Trends

Live Streaming: Consider These 3 Outlets In Your Marketing Plan

By Nia Lambert

Live streaming helps brands get one step closer to loyal fans, customers, and those casually seeking free entertainment. Yes, that’s right. Free.

So why do it? It takes a dose of confidence to set up a camera and announce to the world, “I’ll be on in five,” armed with your latest take on the news, rants, and ramblings. The notion may sound like a causeless cause, but don’t freak out yet. There’s gold in those hills.

Let’s review 3 trending live stream outlets to help you decide where your brand fits in.

Adding Pizzazz to Facebook

live stream facebook

Facebook has always been a solid tool for updates, news blasts, and important announcements. Imagine taking your customer service to the next level by mass-answering repeat questions with a handy weekly or daily video.

While the ideal length of a Facebook video is debatable, I would suggest keeping video posts on the shorter end. Opt for 10-15 minutes tops. Anything longer is sure to bore customers who are itching to get back to their timelines.

Furthermore, Facebook live videos can save employees the headache of robotic question answering (yay!). Face-to-face time also shows customers that your team is actively available and ready to tackle their biggest concerns (double yay!).  

Sprinkling in quick blurbs during current events, major projects, and even funny moments throughout the day help you to appear human. I mean, the purpose of your brand is to inform, serve, or entertain fellow humans–right?

YouTube = TV

live stream youtube

I think we all saw this transition coming from a mile away. I hesitate to saytransition as many YouTubers still remain true to their weekly posting schedules. There is however a new market to tap into: instant programming.

Timing is generous in the world of YouTube. Segments can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an entire hour! If your team needs to supply customers with visuals, demonstrations, or how-to guides YouTube is your best fit.

The YouTube Live method will certainly work for those with well over 50k active subscribers. Key word here being active. If you have a following of 50k and you wrangle a mere 500 souls, your efforts should be considered elsewhere.

Aim for consistency with weekly spot programming. Think of this like the 5 o’clock news or Saturday morning cartoons. A schedule gives followers something to look forward to and helps with collecting a solid gauge of what topics stick or totally miss with your followers.

Snapchat Live Stories

live stream snapchat

Humans are naturally drawn to stimulation. This stimulation is derived from conversations that provoke logic, expression of emotion, or planting a sense of desire.Snapchat brags that roughly 150 million people around the globe use their app on a daily basis. A single Snapchat session lasts anywhere from 25-30 minutes.

Snapchat thrives on the fact that there are two types of storytelling. First is the story you hear about second-hand with occasionally-omitted details. The much more tantalizing alternative?

Viewing a moment as it’s happening.

While in-the-moment videos feel invasive, they’re great for filling in the big picture. Press releases and PR interviews are limited to a crafted message being spoken or read on behalf of the client. Live pan shots of a filled convention or an in-action book signing at a Comic-Con shows a hell of a lot more, with less effort.

Brands that are based on a central character or frequent live events will flourish embracing the impromptu storytelling of Snapchat. Because snaps disappear, the crowd becomes a bit more reactive and lingering conversations keep your name in people’s minds long after the snap fades away.