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Social Media Marketing: Tweets, Retweets & Interactions

By Diamond Lambert

The best way for a small business to thrive in the modern world is to have an online presence.

Marketing your offered service or product through social media marketing on popular platforms provides the organic attention that is unique to the internet. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else the public can share and interact with media.

Social Media Marketing: My Weapon of Choice

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Twitter is my favorite tool for social media marketing (SMM). SMM is an umbrella term for any marketing tasks done to keep organic traffic drawn to a brand through the use of social media interactions.

Twitter has proven to be a highly effective SMM tool for me because it is a real-time platform that operates in quite a way that no other platform can. Tweets give you the tools to be seen in real-time by the audience of your choice combining hashtags and good timing. Some may view the 140 character limit as a hindrance, but I believe it is an opportunity to practice being purposeful and brief with my messages.

Playing the Game

When composing a tweet, it’s best to think of it as the first impression someone will have of your company; no customer wants to read a wall of text or click on a pointless article. Twitter can help you harness your purpose in 140 characters (or less) and send it out to exactly who it’s meant to connect with.

Constant exposure to the general public brings spontaneous interactions with everyday people. Twitter allows an even playing field in which brands and creators can interact with everyday people. When brands market themselves on the same platform as consumers. This is humanizing in a way that a commercial or a website can’t provide. Designers can post their art real-time and gain interest they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Individuals feel more comfortable sending a well-worded tweet rather than calling customer service and being put on hold. Replies are instant because users know that a brand risks a tainted image by publicly not replying. These simple interactions make or break the modern brand that depends on them. When used properly, they can greatly advance your marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts

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There’s a large community of entrepreneurs, marketers, and small businesses that all utilize social interactions affectionately referred to as #GrowthHacking. This is a fascinating phrase because it almost demystifies the entire process. It really is as simple as using the right combination of words and an eye-catching image to draw the user in. Ultimately, to click said link and see what you have to say. 

The easy part: attracting people to your page. The hard part: actually having something engaging to say. 

Social media platform alternatives exist, and it’s great to have a presence on multiple sites including Twitter. In my humble opinion, Twitter has a very specific way of operating that can be used to your advantage if you can crack the right formula for your brand. Twitter is also an ideal tool for small businesses who are just entering the social marketing game.